Oriental Bank

Loan Forgiveness Application Instructions

Forgiveness instructions and determine whether you will be using the regular (3508), simple (3508-S) or EZ (3508-EZ) application process. This is key in understanding the minimum requirements for the forgiveness application process.

Authenticate yourself in the Portal using the borrower’s deposit account where the PPP loan funds were deposited (do not include the 0 at the beginning of the account number/ex. 00123 enter 123) and the EIN/SSN. If your loan is $150,000 or less you will be directed automatically to the simple (3508-S) application process. If your loan is $150,000 or over you will be presented with the corresponding questions from the EZ Form application in order to determine which workflow you will follow.

Please review all of the borrower's information for accuracy and the primary contact name and email. We will only be communicating electronically via this provided email address. All status updates and bank correspondence will only be via this communication channel.

To facilitate your understanding of the process, you will receive an email communication providing information regarding these important steps.

Simply Easy Learning
1. Always logoff before leaving the portal or closing your browser.
2. You will need to wait at least 15 minutes to access again your application if you close the screen without proper logoff.
3. Your session will expire after 15 minutes of inactivity.
4. If you need assistance with your login, please contact orientalsmallbiz@orientalbank.com.